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Tyrebay Service

New at leicester auto tyrebay service supplied and fitted

Auto diagnostics on all electrical problems and faults, fully operational fault finding services with software and firmware updates and ECU work.

This has been the principal backbone of the company.  We have specialist technicians with over 20 years experience in electrical fault finding and diagnostic problems with older and newer vehicles.  We have up to date software tools to speak to the onboard computers of many vehicles. For example; if you have a light showing in your dashboard, this may indicate there is a fault with your vehicle which can be serious.  We can check these for you, for example with ABS faults or even changing of CAT or exhaust emission sensors.

Approved Ministry of Transport Testing Stations at both sites (Class IV only)

Leicester Auto, has been MOT testing vehicles for over 10 years, we are an approved class IV ministry of transport test centre.  We have two stations, testing vehicles on a daily basis and issuing MOT certificates.

All Mechanical Service work and MOT repair work

We carry out all MOT repair work on site, including supplying replacement parts and also operate a full vehicle service plan.  We can MOT and service your vehicle on an annual basis, and also carry out winter checks like a wide range of oils, fuel treatments and cooling agents. We have specialist mechanics to deal with engine repairs, belt changes and water pump, and the only fuel injection cleaning service in Leicester. 

Fuel injector cleaning services

We are a registered ASNU agent.  We have the ASNU machine as seen on, to renew and clean fuel injectors using state of the art ultrasonic cleaning.


Air conditioning services- re-gassing and replacement

Feeling hot?? AC not working or not working well? 

Come down for a free check.  We can re-charge the gas, and or replace the entire system should you require.  We can also check for gas leaks utilizing specialized tools.

Small bodywork and all major work carried out off site

Had a small bump?  We can repair, and replace small body defects in most cars and vehicles; we can also replace wing mirrors and strips, ordered in from most dealers in the UK.  For major body work, we can outsource to insurance approved body work specialists that we have close links with. We will ensure that your vehicle is fully taken care of.

Alarms and car audio installation services

We can install any car audio systems, to include safe hands free for mobile devices and GPS systems.

Vehicle Immobilizers installation services

We can install up to date immobilizers so your car cannot be started by unwanted intruders to include auto start and GPS location devices.

MOT Defect testing available at both sites 

Do you have a police defect notice?   This is when you are stopped by the police.

For example, if both of your brake lights are not working.  (This is an MOT requirement)  We can fix and certify that the defect has been corrected, so that you may return this to the police to confirm that you have complied with the Law